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860-767-2345 Schoolmates - 253 Bushy Hill Rd, Deep River, CT 06417

Growing in Nature.

Schoolmates is a magically inviting place where children flourish! 


Teachers thoughtfully plan the classroom environments based on children’s emerging interests and a deep respect for children’s potential.

Our Schoolmates are able to help themselves and choose many of their own activities and materials, gaining confidence and independence.

Creative Expression

Teaching children how to express their own knowledge and desires through artwork, conversation, early writing, dramatic play, music, dance, and other outlets.

Recognizing that at the very core of creativity is our desire to express ourselves, Reggio Emilia schools create environments that inspire and support creative thinking and invention.

The Art of Play

Play is the child’s avenue for learning. They learn through experience and hands on participation as they explore, classify and organize. Through play, they are able to develop social skills such as cooperating, negotiating, making friends, and solving problems. ​

They learn to ask questions, find answers and express their feelings.

Natural Setting

Our beautiful natural surroundings enhance our educational framework. Children walk the trails and explore the abundant resources at Incarnation Center, including the lake, pond, farm and Bushy Hill Nature Center.

Exploration, observation and investigation are key components in our learning environment.

Calling Schoolmates was one if the best decisions that I have made for my son (now sons) in the past couple of years. This school has done so much for my oldest child. It’s a wonderful feeling to know that he is now at kindergarten and he is completely socially and academically prepared. The learning environment is so unique and the teachers are so loving and encouraging. I’m so glad to be able to now send my middle child to share in experience that his brother had!

Jessica B.

My two children went to schoolmates 22 years ago. When my Granddaughter was ready I knew exactly where to recommend. Now she is at Schoolmates and enjoying so much! When I pick her up I experience the same warm, caring, family feeling that was there years ago. The tradition lives on!

Kimberly M.

What I love most about Schoolmates are the teachers and the combination of nature and learning. This magical building is safely tucked away in Bushy Hill. Both of my boys have loved everyday there. I would recommend Schoolmates 100%!

Kristina Q.
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